About Titan Unit


Titan Unit is a Quebec company managed by professionals with over 20 years’ experience in the field of security. Active in the Greater Montreal area we provide our clients a wide range of customized security solutions.

Our services include the protection of people and goods through the provision of security guards, intervention and special agents, loss prevention officers, patrol services and video surveillance systems.



20 years of experience in the field of security

Our success is based on three fundamental pillars, namely, the high level of expertise of our management team, our ability to quickly transform the specific needs of our customers into practical and effective security solutions, and our attention to excellence in the service offered to customers by all members of our team.

In addition, the company has been able to adapt itself to the changing demand for security guards. Our customers are not looking anymore for athletic agents but are seeking professionals perfectly adapted to their environment and able to offer an excellent customer service, individuals capable of analyzing a situation quickly and make the right decision, individuals reflecting an image of serenity and courtesy. In other words, our security guards are there to reassure you.


Ghenadie Odobescu | President

Ghenadie Odobescu

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Ghenadie Odobescu

Holder of a degree in Finance and possessing a wealth of business experience in European and Canadian markets, Ghenadie is a thoroughbred entrepreneur.

In creating Titan Unit, he brought together his expertise in the security sector and his fascination with new technologies.

Ghenadie carefully studied the various issues related to the world of security, such as the poor quality of customer service, a general lack of professionalism and discipline, the low skill level of active recruiters in security companies, the rift between executives and supervisors on the reality on the ground, the lack of team spirit, and security gaps that could be filled by the appropriate use of new technologies.

Following this analysis, he was able to offer an effective response in the form of his company and its services.

Ghenadie is a caring father and avid practitioner of extreme sports.

Fréderic Libert | Développement des Affaires

Fréderic Libert

Business Developer
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Fréderic Libert
Business Development Director

A graduate in Law and Business Law, Frederic has mastered the art of balancing boldness and prudence. A sociable, upstanding and determined man of action, he has a passion for the world of business.

Frederic began his career in Brussels as an independent legal consultant, and has participated in the negotiation of international contracts in sub-Saharan Africa. Before joining our ranks, he served as a business development consultant within a global group in Brussels.

Furthermore, he is the author of an excellence-award-winning university thesis on organized crime that was published by the Governance Centre of the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Apart from his professional activities, he participates in a multitude of sports, and enjoys theology.

Alexey Sokolov | Directeur Technique

Alexey Sokolov

Technical Director
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Alexey Sokolov
Technical Director

Alexey has devoted his time to the field of engineering since the age of 11. At 15, he built his first FM radio transmitter, and at the age of 21 he invented a measuring instrument used to extend the functionality of instruments commonly available on the market. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics.

In parallel with electronics, Alexey’s keen interest in the development of information technologies has led him to acquire a high expertise in a multitude of programming languages, as well as formats and standards of data storage and transmission. He has never bought a whole computer, opting instead to construct his machines himself, occasionally modifying and improving some components.

His other interests include astronomy and mathematics, and one of his favorite quotes is “this is approximately how everything is done”.

Martin Thibert | Project Manager (Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu)

Martin Thibert

Project Manager
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Martin Thibert
Project Manager

Having gone through many trainings and having acquired multiple certificates during his career, Martin has built himself a solid experience in many security domains as well as being a supervisor and a director in special event security.

As an expert in emergency situations and passionate about physical intervention, he is capable of creating prevention and action plans for all kinds of situations and all types of clients.

Outside of professional environment, he adores physical training, including martial arts.



At Titan Unit our leaders, consultants, agents and greeting staff are committed to doing everything in their power to bring you immaculate customer service.

In addition, we guarantee you a 24/7 support.

Before each mission, our officers receive additional training directed to meet your specific needs. You will have the opportunity to let us know your specific requirements, our trainers will then be happy to teach the agents and maximize their ability to blend into their new work environment.


Our customers appreciate our civil liability coverage of $5,000,000 that is substantially higher than our competitors’ coverage.

A Privileged partnership with the « Académie de Sécurité Professionnelle (ASP) »

The Bureau de la Sécurité Privée (BSP) requires any person wishing to work as a security guard in Quebec to undergo a minimum of 70 hours’ training. At Titan Unit, we select only the candidates who passed the 240-hour “Industrial and Commercial Security” training program, thus guaranteeing a superior level of preparation in our staff.

Deployment of high-tech equipment

Regardless of your industry, we have the technological solutions to maximize your security. Please visit our “fields of expertise” section to learn more.

À propos de nos agents de sécurité


Specific Coaching


Before each mission, our officers receive additional training directed to meet your specific needs.


You will have the opportunity to let us know your specific requirements, our trainers will then be happy to teach the agents and maximize their ability to blend into their new work environment.

Unique techniques for restraining “difficult” individuals


Our director of tactical training, a former member of the Special Forces, teaches all our agents a unique technique that was originally developed for the protection of judges against assault.


In practice, it is a restraining method that neutralizes an individual very quickly without harming him.

Quarterly evaluation of agents


We are aware of the crucial importance of preparing our agents to cope with emergencies. This is why we place great emphasis on the continuous training: each agent’s first aid skills and mastery of restraining techniques are reassessed every three months.


In addition, week after week, we focus on maintaining our agents’ excellent customer service attitude.

Stylish and functional uniforms


Depending on your requirements, our agents will either be equipped with a stylish and functional outfit or a more military-type uniform.


We offer complete flexibility to our clients in regards to the uniforms of our agents; we can adapt them to any specific demands.


We pay particular attention to the recruitment of our employees. At Titan Unit, each application is carefully analyzed by a team of professional recruiters combining extensive experience in the world of recruitment and security. Our human resource team members have gained experience as professional recruiters of specific profiles in international companies as well as former members of elite police forces.

Titan Unit carrières

You want to join a dynamic and growing company that is respectful of everyone’s job?

So do not hesitate to send us your application to the following address: CV@titanunit.com

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