We guarantee you a 24/7 support

We were able to adapt to changing requirements for security guards. Our clients are no longer looking solely for athleticism in agents, but also for individuals perfectly adapted to their environment and able to offer unparalleled customer service, able to think on their feet and make the right decision while projecting an image of serenity and courtesy. In other words, our agents are there to reassure you.

Before each mission, our officers receive additional training directed to meet your specific needs. You will have the opportunity to let us know your specific requirements, our trainers will then be happy to teach the agents and maximize their ability to blend into their new work environment.


Patrols and “Technological Patrols Units”


This solution allows increasing the level of safety on construction sites while drastically reducing your costs!


We install cameras, motion detectors, … on your construction sites and we bear all costs of purchase, installation and maintenance of the surveillance equipment. For optimal efficiency, we combine this service to our motorized patrols that are equipped with computer connected to the security cameras that are installed on the construction sites.

Night Maintenance Staff & Patrol Vehicle in case of Emergency


These agents will check the condition of the machinery during the night, they can also clean the building (excluding construction debris) and perform temperature readings. Moreover, it constitutes a deterrent presence during the night on the construction site. In case of emergency a patrol car will be immediately sent.

Specialized security guards


Our security officers possess both the ASP Construction certification and the security license issued by the “Bureau de la Sécurité Privée” du Québec. In addition, they have the CPR card (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and are highly specialized in safety on construction sites.

Cleaning agents & Preparation of the building before delivery to the customer


Our cleaning agents are cleaning specialists. We also provide strict staff supervision.



We provide you with services that are perfectly adapted to your patrol needs. Whether it is a visual check of your sites or conducting more detailed rounds, our patrol officers will be distinguished by their rigor and professionalism. In addition, we assign a direct number to each patrol officers to maximize the effectiveness of communication.




  • maximize shoplifting reduction
  • Improving the quality of services offered by your stores


Our loss prevention team has achieved remarkable performances in several department stores in the Greater Montreal. Our success is based on the advanced training of our staff and their sharp sense of professionalism.

The attention of every moment can effectively fight against shoplifting and theft is greatly reduced in environments where our officers are deployed.


In addition, we give you the opportunity to rate the performance of our loss prevention officers in order to guarantee you a high quality service on a daily basis.


We also provide an internal investigation service. Our officers analyze the behavior of your employees (customer service quality, job involvement, detection of internal theft, …) and contribute to increasing the quality of services offered by your store.


It is obvious that event security requires a particular type of agent; this is why we provide courteous and dedicated professionals with excellent skills in customer service and a sharp sense of organization. In addition, a rich experience in event-security is a key element to guarantee an optimum degree of satisfaction.


Aware of the importance to offer security guards always ready to respond quickly and effectively in all situations, we attach a crucial role to the training of the latest techniques of security.

Thus, in addition to the certification granted by the “Bureau de la sécurité Privée du Québec”, we constantly reassess the first aid and customer service skills of our staff. In addition, before each mission, our teams receive a personalized training to be able to respond to the specific needs.


In addition, our security guards hold the CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). They are all committed to comply with the legislation in force, with all codes and safety regulations in force and effect during the holding of the event, with all of your instructions and with our comprehensive Code of Ethics and Deontology.


We are committed to provide you with services tailored to the specific requirements of the film industry in Quebec.

Whether it is for local or foreign productions, we offer high quality services and solutions.

  • Provision of disciplined and courteous security guards meeting the highest professional standards (BSP license holders + in-house training)
  • Access Control: shooting sites and base-camps
  • Monitoring of the shooting sites
  • Integrity protection: production team, technical team and actors
  • Actors privacy protection (including the management of paparazzi and journalists)
  • Escorts to and from venues, airports, and locations anywhere required by our client. (Canadian territory)
  • Set and technical equipment protection
  • Running patrols on site and shooting locations (day and / or night)
  • Providing security guards wearing neat and functional uniforms


Our security guards receive additional training to welcome everyone with courtesy and contribute to the quality of your image. In addition, they perform rounds according to your wishes and they are willing to perform all tasks needed to successfully conduct the operations (take the phone, manage the register of visitors,…).

Thus, our agents will not only return a sense of serenity and courtesy but will also offer high customer service while being able to analyze a situation quickly and make the right decision.


Our special agents are deployed to ensure effective solutions in specific situations:


  • Hideouts and intervention to stop theft on your sites;
  • Hideouts and intervention to stop vandalism on your sites.

We use elite military equipment including night vision goggles, high quality camouflage and a wide range of accessories.


Depending on your needs, we are able to provide you with personalized solutions.